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Completed Projects


Yaffo Renewal

Completed 2020

Creating a multi-tier finance structure for Yaffo renewal project, renewal and additional 12 units. 

Funds raised

13,500,000 NIS

Dor vedorshav.jpg

Jerusalem Residence

Completed 2020

Jerusalem residential complex consisting of 5 new built houses. Debt and equity raise

Funds raised

45,000,000 NIS


Prepaid Credit Card

Completed 2019

Directorship and operatives of fin-tech creating ground breaking product in payments industry with multiple API system

Project budget

6,500,000 NIS


Eastern Beverages

Completed 2018

Complex joint venture between overseas drinks manufacturer and local factory and distributor. 

Annual turnover

5,500,000 NIS


Purchase group

Completed 2019

Jerusalem residential complex, 11 units purchased by group. Debt finance and financial management of project turnkey

Funds raised

23,000,000 NIS

tel aviv pic.jpg

Prepaid Credit Card

Completed 2018

Urban renewal Tel Aviv sea front building, creating a joint venture agreement and implementing it over term of project. Equity and debt

Funds raised

23,400,000 NIS

הדמיות מעודכנות  פרידמן אחורית.jpg

Tama 38 Finance

Completed 2017

Equity and debt for knock-down and rebuild 8 units for rental in Jerusalem neighborhood. 

Funds raised

8,500,000 NIS


Battery Pack

Completed 2018

Joint venture on battery pack start-up for e-commerce business. Managing IR and operations on behalf of equity partner

Funds raised

4,500,000 NIS


Home loans


Individual buy-to-live and buy-to-let financing is an ongoing very successful part of our day to day activities

Funds raised

100,000,000+ NIS

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