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The mortgage industry in Israel is one of the most competitive markets within the financial sector. In 2019, $20 billion dollars were lent for buy-to-live or buy-to-let residential acquisitions. Over 95% of these loans were funded by retail banks. 

Over the past decade of zero-to-low base interest rates, the trend in local real-estate prices has been of a constant rise. Various governments and regulators have attempted at curbing the demand for properties, using various methods. Amongst them, the Bank of Israel created a matrix of conditions and restrictions on borrowing for investors. These include lower loan-to-value, a change of rates, restriction on the loan amount, and a more stringent rule set for recognition of borrowers' income.

This matrix has made it far more complex for the buyer to self-navigate the mortgage map, and increase the need for a professional mortgage advisor to steer through the system 

  • Buy-to-live with local or overseas income

  • Buy-to-let with local or overseas income

  • Purchase groups

  • Urban renewal "tama" purchases

  • Complex legal and multi-layer finance

  • Land purchases and personal construction loans

  • Buy-and-renovate financial structures

  • Complex income structures


Getting approved

Western Wall Street has developed valuable relationships and a pristine reputation with the banking world to help you get the best mortgage on the market. 

Calculate your monthly payment using this simple tool below, and let us find you the most suitable loan on the marketplace: 

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Michael Summers

What a pleasure to work with these guys. I had been told getting a mortgage will be a nightmare. Nope. Smooth and simple

Debra Freed

I went to my local branch to apply for a loan. When they finally responded, it seemed too expensive. Western Wall Street save me 78,000 NIS!

Philip Michaels

I was trying to get a loan fro a complex asset - the registration was not perfect, but I loved the property. I got turned down by four banks before turning to Western Wall Street. I don't know how they pulled this off. 

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