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Corporate Finance


The corporate finance division of Western Wall Street accompanies companies and projects throughout the decision-making process and implementation in the fields of financing and capital raises.

The company has a professional team with decades of combined experience in raising private and public capital and debt, enabling them to build each customer a financial program that is well adapted to its unique needs and characteristics.

The founders and investment committee have more than 20 years of experience in the fields of capital markets, banking and financing complex deals and familiarity with institutional and private investors, banks and many businesses in the economy.

Business is conducted differently across the world and business cultures vary from place to place. Creating cross-border ventures, requiring a combination of local knowledge of the lay of the land together with overseas equity, is where Western Wall Street provides the cutting edge. 


Each of the hundreds of completed joint ventures we have created carries a story of its own. In this domain, there is no one size fits all. Every partnership has been created based on a deep understanding of the expectations and demands of the partners, and our ability to tailor the partnership to meet these requirements. 


Multi-tier finance solutions

Western Wall Street provides a holistic solution for companies and entrepreneurs, providing a comprehensive response to the unique financial needs of each client: fundraising, financial management, issuance, valuation, business plans, and more.


Our team leaders personally accompany each client, throughout the process, from beginning to end. The initial phase includes the construction of a financial strategy – choosing the type of financing appropriate for the unique nature of the company (debt, capital, construction, collaborations) and preparing a presentation for investors.


We will continue to focus on finding the appropriate financing sources in Israel and abroad, including both banking and non-banking sources, in the best conditions for the customer. The joint work includes accompanying the projects until the return of and on the investment.


David Abromovits

I could never have negotiated my merger without Western Wall Street. They really understood what it was about

Adv. Orin Freed

The genius financial structure designed by Western Wall Street improved returns on my equity from 14% to 33%!

Miriam  Cohen

I have been burnt before investing with Israelis and was very reluctant. But Western Wall Street got it right away; I only wish I had known about them previously 

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